Acoustic Bootleg

  • Released: September 2013
  • Format: CD & Digital
  • Label: Occupancy 1
  • Produced by: Marcus Wolf


This cd was produced in limited number for my solo tour in April 2013. I’ve decided to release it digitally and will be available from iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play within the next few weeks. The CD’s liner notes and credits are below.

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Release Date: September 2013

Available on Amazon, iTunes & GooglePlay

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Acoustic Bootleg


Emptiness (4:49)

Give Back To You (4:24)

Final Cut (4:24)

Cali Calm (4:07)

Amberly Jean (3:25)

Blue (4:07)

Higher (5:22)

Little Wing * (3:41)



Red Heart (5:21)

Always Back To You (3:08)

Before You Accuse Me** (5:08)

Seaside (4:05)

Walk (3:50)

Island Time (3:26)

Liner Notes

Many people have asked me during my solo acoustic tours if I have any solo performances recorded just as they hear me perform the show live… This CD is for you!

There are many factors that come into play during a show. The audience, the room, the atmosphere, the songs chosen. Every night is a different experience. Today will be different than yesterday and tomorrow. That’s what LIVE MUSIC is for me.

This CD was recorded on October 27 & 28, 2012 in Essen and Mainz, Germany. Recorded in true bootleg style with a Sony handheld PCM D-50 recorder… Live, real and raw.

All the music you hear on this CD is created in real time. There are no pre recorded tracks of any kind… Only Marcus on the stage with voice & guitar using a combination of guitar fx pedals and a looping pedal to create a compete and entertaining listening experience!

Big Thanks to Sheryl, Marion, Katrin, Allison, Regina, Albert, Olly, Denise, Birgit K, Matthew K, Joel K, Michael K, Jerry P, my family and friends who continually support me as I live and share this dream called MUSIC!

Big Love to All of you!



Photos and CD artwork by Katrin Jacobi

Camera by Leica

Recorded by Marion Mikos with Sony PCM-D50

Mastered by Jerry Pilato

All music by o1Music Publishing ASCAP except

*Jimi Hendrix, Experience Hendrix, L.L.C.

** Bo Diddley,  ARC Music Publishing

Always Back To You, Island Time by Michael Katz

Walk by Joel Kaminer