Tell Me

  • Released: April 2012
  • Format: CD & Digital
  • Label: Occupancy 1
  • Produced by: Marcus Wolf
Released: April 2012
all songs written by Matthew Deater Kelley (
produced & arranged by Marcus Wolf
executive producer – MDK & MW
cover painting by Juan Diaz (
photos by Hao Zeng (
cd artwork, mw & o1 logos by Dave Quattrini
bass – Jonathan Maron
drums and Loops – Adrian Harpham
strings arrangements by MW, with Dave Eggar on Threshold
voice, guitars, editing, all sounds not specified below by MW
basic sessions, mixing & mastering cared for by Phil Nicolo at Studio 4 in Conshohocken, PA
additional recording at o1studio, NYC
horns on Light Of Day by Chops Horns:
trumpet – Freddie Hendrix
alto sax – Darryl Dixon
tenor & baritone saxes, flute -David Watson
trombone – Jonathan Arons
horn arrangement by Darryl Dixon
recorded by Tim Shider at Croonietunes in Plainfield NJ
Ben Stivers – piano & organ on Light Of Day & Tell Me, moog & organ on Tell Me, fx piano on First Kiss
MDK – piano on 40 Days, Threshold, Nothing To Do, Scar Tissue
Dave Eggar ( – cellos on Tell Me, Kimsong, Factitious, Threshold. piano on Kimsong
Daniel Mintseris – organ on 40 Days
Shani Baker – female vocals on Light Of Day & Kimsong
thanks to David Urbina for organizing Kim’s family & friends for the group vocals on Kimsong
guitar in photo by Moollon (
Only abundant Blessings made this record possible.
Big Thanks to all involved. Let Love Rule.
in memory of Kim Kennedy