Catch Marcus Wolf’s latest release (December 2015), Eternal, now available on iTunes!

He takes you on a journey through the daily grind of life, offering a momentary calm and escape. Marcus has been compared to John Mayer with echoes of Jimmy Page on his guitar and Peter Gabriel with his voice. Mixing thought provoking lyrics with acoustic & electric production, Marcus has a few numbers reminiscent of Cat Stevens and a hint of Pink Floyd.

From the mantra like initiation of hope on HOW U GONNA GO to the personal homage for his Beloved on NO 1 LIKE U, Marcus’ unique talents inspire giving us an overall positive message. VERY DIFFERENT touches on death and Marcus’ view that life continues beyond our three dimensions. ALL THAT I’M AFTER evokes the common struggles of an artist. With resignation and absolute honesty, the protagonist weighs in on the strife but also the invaluable joy of being an artist.

The first TRIO EP (2014) can be described simply as adult contemporary with moments of a harder edge. On a few tracks Marcus shows his guitar skills where the Trio hits a little harder, reminiscent of early Jimi Hendrix. The songs ANOTHER PLAN, IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY and GENEROSITY speak of the soul challenging aspect and misuse of money and greed. CONFESSIONS OF A GURU and CIRCLES delve into more spiritual esoteric ideology. Experience the passion of his powerful songwriting and soulful melancholic voice as it moves you to another place.

Buy now on iTunes and follow Marcus on Instagram & Twitter as he performs around the world, and be sure to catch one of his powerful live performances!